Reader Redundancy Switch

Reader Redundancy Switch is a modern high-speed electronic tolling systems require a high degree of reliability. System downtime has the potential to impact revenues and customer relationships. Minimizing downtime is a priority for system operators or anyone who has key performance indicators that must be achieved.

Reader Redundancy Switch (RRS) offered by Star Systems International™ addresses this performance reliability requirement. RRS allows two high speed tolling readers to be connected to the same set of antennas. In this configuration, one reader is actively reading transponders while the second reader stands by ready to take over operations in the event that performance of the active reader becomes compromised.

It is easily controlled remotely from an external control system using a TTL input signal. Should the performance of the active reader become compromised, the TTL input signal will switch the RF output from the active reader to the RF output from the standby reader. Low insertion loss means that the impact to the RF signal from the reader is negligible. The rugged IP66 design of the RRS makes it ideal for harsh outdoor environments.

RRS allows customers to maintain a high degree of uptime and system availability. This ensures that KPI’s are achieved and customers are satisfied.