RF Cables

Item Number


 LMR 400 Low Loss Cablem Custom Size,
N-Type Male to N-Type Male Cable
HCB08002-33 Meter
HCB08002-66 Meter
HCB08002-1010 Meter
HCB08002-1515 Meter
 LMR 195 N-Type Male to SMA Male
 HCB070013 Meter
 HCB070026 Meter
 Procyon GPIO cable
 HCB090006 Meter
 HCB0900112 Meter


Cables for Titan RFID Reader

 Ethernet Cable
HCB15000-12 Meter
HCB15000-28 Meter
 GPIO Cable
HCB15001-12 Meter
HCB15001-28 Meter
 CAN Cable
HCB15002-12 Meter
HCB15002-28 Meter
 Power Cable
HCB15003-12 Meter
HCB15003-28 Meter