BOBCAT™- 8 dBi Circular Antenna


Bobcat Circular Antenna is a circular polarized UHF RFID antenna and is specifically designed for demanding item-level reading performance. Bobcat has high reliability and a consistent and constrained read zone. It is a very cost effective, efficient antenna for use in item tracking,  warehouse inventory management, distribution centers, airports and hospitals, transit terminals, conveyor belts.


  • Reads tags in any orientation
  • Fully FCC and ETSI Frequencies Available
  • Optimum performance for ISO18000-6C
  • IP65
  • Included Mounting Kit


  • General Purpose RFID Antenna
  • Portals
  • Dock Doors
  • Gantries
Item number : HAN1000F (FCC)    HAN1000E (ETSI)