DORADO – RFID Data Collector


Dorado RFID Data Collector is a low cost, ultra-compact mobile device for UHF RFID data collection.

Dorado RFID Data Collector is your answer to portability in passive RFID reading and data collection.  About the size of a small mobile phone, it is extremely simple to use and is small enough to carry around all day.  Just use the carrying case on your belt or carry it in your pocket!  

You can easily connect and download all of your collected data files from Dorado directly into your application via the computer’s USB port. Just click your file browser to quickly “drag and drop” the full EPC, TID, user data along with time & date stamp direct to your Excel or Worksheets!  

Dorado is also available with optional WiFi or Bluetooth interfaces.

Item number:  HRD1000F (FCC) / HRD1000E (ETSI)