Apollo™ & Gemini™ – Multi-Mode Tags

Apollo & Gemini Multi-Mode Tags are ideally suited for HOT / HOV managed lanes and other ITS applications requiring multiple modes in a single On-Board Unit.

This unique multi-mode design of Apollo & Gemini Multi-Mode Tags permits a vehicle driver to self-declare the number of occupants by simply moving a toggle on the tag, which uniquely completes a circuit on the selected HOT / HOV state assuring that only one mode is read by the RFID reader.

With their intelligent design to isolate each HOT / HOV state, STAR’s Apollo & Gemini assure that only the desired mode is read by the tolling system. This allows agencies to easily charge appropriate fees based on the number of occupants in a vehicle. The transponder may also be configured to identify two or three different accounts, such as an individual account, business account, or secure vehicle access account.

Apollo / Gemini’s polycarbonate case is highly durable, and UV / IR resistant, making the tag performance reliable even after outdoor long exposure.

With their minimized size and maximized read distance, Apollo & Gemini are the clear choice for applications requiring Multi-Mode Tags.