Aries™ – Vehicle Headlamp Transponder

Aries clear 1 part

Aries Headlamp Transponder with its high performance and high security features, Aries delivers superior read and write performance and provides great flexibility on hard-to-tag vehicles such as those with windshields containing metallic content and/or films that can affect radio transponders. Also it is perfect for use with motorcycles and scooters.

When applied properly, the tag is barely noticeable and has no negative affect the performance of the vehicle’s headlamp light. Aries is constructed to provide reliable reading for years, even in extreme weather and driving environments. Designed as a vehicle transponder form the ground up, only material graded for outdoor and automotive application is used in the manufacturing of Aries.

Aries Headlamp Transponder utilizes an IC chip that has a flexible memory architecture and provides for the optimum allocation of EPC and User memory.  It is ideal for use in high performance/security applications such as E-Tolling, Electronic Vehicle Registration (EVR), Secure Parking and Access, Fleet Management and other critical vehicle tracking types of programs. User memory may also be secured by the chip’s read-lock and/or write-lock features on 64-bit boundaries allowing the transponder to support a variety of public/private usage models. The IC chip also features a factory programmed and permanently locked 64-bit serial number that cannot be altered.  In conjunction with the EPC data and an optional uniquely generated Access Codes, this provides a unique and high level of security for the tagged vehicle and its data.


  • ISO 18000-6C
  • Optimized for Vehicle Headlamp
  • Patented Non-Removable Non-Transferable (NRNT) Technology
  • OmniAir Certified
  • Alien Higgs-3 Chip
  • IR and UV Protection
  • Clear Tag Available
  • Custom Printing Available