Pulsar™ – 2-piece Vehicle Tag

Pulsar card and holder

Pulsar 2-piece Vehicle Tag is a compact and powerful 2-piece passive UHF ISO 18000-6C transponder providing flexibility in a single On-Board Unit (OBU) for Automatic Vehicle Identification Systems such as E-Tolling, Secure Parking and Access Control.

Pulsar 2-piece Vehicle Tag consists of a Pulsar Card (plastic UHF RFID card), which contains the near-field ID, and a Pulsar Holder that enables the Pulsar Card to be read in high speed tolling lanes or with long distance readers.

Pulsar’s 2-piece construction is innovative and ideal for applications requiring near-field access control or account management/cashiers payment. When the Pulsar Card is out of the corresponding Pulsar Holder, the read range is limited to a few centimetres (near-field) allowing the card to be safely carried in a wallet, pocket or ID card holder.

Pulsar is cost efficient, has a long life and is battery free which makes it virtually free of maintenance or replacement over years of use.

Multiple Pulsar Cards can be used with a single holder providing mobility and flexibility for users across different vehicles.

STAR’s new Pulsar is great for Electronic Toll Collection (ETC), Electronic Vehicle Registration (EVR), HOT/HOV Lane Tolling, Self-Declare Tolling/Express Lanes, Secure Parking and Access Control, or other applications requiring 2-piece transponder.

Pulsar card’s memory can be custom encoded with user’s specific data. It also features a factory pre-programmed and permanently locked 64-bit serial number that cannot be altered.

Pulsar Card can also be pre-printed with logo’s, barcodes, photos and other security features. Customers can also use blank white cards and perform their own custom printing using a device such as a color credit card printer.

Features :

  • Patented 2-piece design for versatile applications
  • Best in class passive vehicle transponder
  • ISO18000 – 6C / 63
  • Maintenance free, no battery
  • Near Field & Far Field Reading