Solana™ – Multi-Purpose Vehicle Transponder


Multi-Purpose Vehicle Transponder for any vehicle

Solana Multi-Purpose Vehicle Transponder is a unique passive vehicle transponder that can be mounted on either a vehicle’s windscreen or headlamp. Most passive vehicle transponders are tuned to either Windscreen (Glass) or Headlamp (Plastic), which requires different antenna designs and creates complications in choosing the appropriate transponder for any given vehicle. Solana is designed and tuned to be a simple, single solution for any vehicle.

Solana is the result of over two years of design, development and testing of transponder designs to achieve the perfect balance of convenience and performance in a passive transponder for vehicle applications.

Solana utilizes a flexible memory architecture which provides an optimum allocation of memory and interoperability. It is ideal for high security applications. Solana’s user memory may be secured by the chip’s read-lock and/or write-lock features allowing the transponder to support a variety of public / private usage models. The chip also features a factory pre-programmed and permanently locked 64-bit serial number that cannot be altered. This serial number in conjunction with the EPC data bank can be used to generate a Unique Access Code for each and every transponder.