Venus™ – Windshield Transponder


Venus™ Windshield Transponder with its high performance and high security features, the Venus™ delivers superior read and write performance. It is designed and tuned for use on the glass windshield of the vehicles.

Venus™ Windshield Transponder is constructed to provide reliable reading for years, even in extreme weather and driving environments. Venus™ is designed as a vehicle transponder form the ground up, only material graded for outdoor and automotive application is used in the manufacturing of the Venus™.

Venus™ Windshield Transponder utilizes an IC chip that has a flexible memory architecture and provides for the optimum allocation of EPC and User memory. It is ideal for use in high performance/ security applications such as Electronic Toll Collection (ETC) e-Tolling, Electronic Vehicle Registration (EVR), Secure Parking and Access, Fleet Management and other critical vehicle tracking types of programs. User memory may also be secured by the chip’s read-lock and/or write-lock features on 64-bit boundaries allowing the tag to support a variety of public/private usage models. The IC chip also features a factory programmed and permanently locked 64-bit serial number that cannot be altered.  In conjunction with the EPC data and an optional uniquely generated Access Codes, this provides a unique and high level of security for the tagged vehicle and its data.

Venus™ is available with optional features such a patented Non-Removable Non-Transferable (NRNT) and Tamper Evident Feature, IR and UV Light Protection Filter, Invisible UV Security Printing, Custom Press or Variable Printing and IC Chip Pre-Programming.


  • ISO 18000-6C
  • Optimized for Vehicle Windshield
  • Non-Transferable/ Non Removable layer
  • Alien Higgs-3 Chip
  • IR and UV Protection
  • White & Clear Tag Available
  • 1 part or 2 part versions available
  • Custom Printing Available