Zero-G™ – Cling Windshield Tag


Zero-G Cling Windshield Tag gives users the ability to install their vehicle transponder safely on a windscreen without using messy adhesives and also allows transponders to be repositioned multiple of times without causing any damage to the transponder itself.

Simple and easy to install: 1) Clean the windshield glass; 2) Spray on a small amount of water or alcohol; 3) Place the Zero-G tag over the wet area and, using a cloth or rag; 4) Squeegee out all liquid and bubbles. Your Zero-G tag is now ready to last for years where it is placed or you can easily remove and reposition it at any time by simply repeating the easy installation step.

Zero-G Cling Windshield Tag is now available for Star Systems™’ Windshield Transponders: VENUS™, SOLANA™, VEKTRA™ and VENUS-DNA™. Zero-G can be constructed with clear or white/printable face sheets. Available in standard sizes. Custom sizes, designs and artwork are also available
upon request.

Features :

  • ISO 18000-6C
  • Clear or white polyester
  • UV and IR protection panel over chip 2 sides ( Black )
  • Printable and transferable