Vektra – Windshield Transponder

With its new ultra-tuned design and patented physical security features, Vektra Windshield Transponder delivers extremely high read and write performance in Vehicle Applications. Vektra is designed and tuned specifically for glass windshield of a vehicle and is especially effective for High Speed / Open Road Tolling Systems.

Designed as a vehicle transponder from the ground up, Vektra is constructed to provide reliable reading for years, even in extreme weather conditions. Vektra’s transponder antenna is ultra-tuned to provide high reliability and security in vehicle applications such as Tolling, Electronic Vehicle Registration and Secure Access Systems.

Vektra utilizes a flexible memory architecture which provides an optimum allocation of memory and interoperability. It is ideal to be used in high security applications. Vektra’s User memory can be secured by the chip’s read-lock and / or write-lock features allowing the transponder to support a variety of public / private usage models. The chip also features a factory pre-programmed and permanently locked 64-bit serial number that cannot be altered. This serial number in conjunction with the EPC data bank can be used to generate a Unique Access Code for each and every transponder.