Parking and Access Control Solutions (PACS)

SSI offers leading-edge products and systems for parking and access control applications. Integrated Readers, Handhelds, Embedded Software Systems and a wide variety of tags comprises a full featured offering for PACS from SSI.

SSI has a wide range of RFID readers that are suitable for parking access control applications. For indoor, we have multiple ports that can be used in multiple entry/exit lanes. In outdoor environment, we have weather proof that can work under harsh environment. In additional, we can provide off the shelf packages that includes ready-to-use system software.

For RFID transponders, we provide a wide range of selections: Windshield Decal, Headlamp Tags, License Plate Tags, Credit Card Tags.

Smart Car Park Management System

SSI is also proud to offer industry leading, next generation Smart Car Park Management System. Making use of ALPR technology, the system is able to locate vehicle within a car park in a real time manner. Not only this can help drivers to locate their vehicles, it can also help to manage spaces more efficiently and increase the accuracy and the degree of detail of space availability information.

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