Astro Premium E-Tolling Transponder

Star Systems International (SSI), a market leader in Smart City Products, today announced the launch of its Astro Premium E-Tolling Transponder. Astro is certified for Interoperability in Tolling Systems. It is a dual-purpose transponder and is tuned to deliver remarkable performance on a windshield or headlamp of any vehicle.

STAR Systems International Announces Breakthrough Express/HOT Lane Transponder

STAR Systems International (SSI), a market leader in Smart City solutions, today announced the availability of Genesis — its improved multimode transponder for Express Lanes and HOT systems. It is purpose-designed for use in High-Occupancy Tolling (HOT / HOV), Express Lanes and other ITS applications. Genesis is certified by the OmniAir Consortium for interoperability in tolling systems.

Traffic Congestion Management & Contactless Payments in India

India is observing increasingly high rates of traffic on highways and in cities, leading to tiring traffic jams and unimaginable environmental pollution for all of its citizens. Traffic congestion affects citizens with huge amounts of wasted time and can have large negative economic impacts.  High rates of congestion also have harmful impacts on our planet and the environment.

Rising Star of smart cities

Star Systems International™, a leading provider of technologies for smart city initiatives, including electronic tolling (ETC), electronic vehicle registration (EVR), fleet management, parking and secure access control applications, is exhibiting a variety of readers, transponders and antennas targeted at high-performance tolling and vehicle identification applications. Headquartered in Hong Kong with full operational subsidiaries in Dallas, …

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