Management Team

Robert (Bob) W. Karr, CEO

Bob is an industry recognized figure with 39+ years of experience in Automatic Identification including 18 years of experience in deploying RFID solutions around the world.

Bob has been a pioneer and industry leader in working with ISO 18000-6C standard for AVI (Automatic Vehicle Identification) applications such as E-Tolling, Electronic Vehicle Registration and Parking & Access Control Systems.  With his entrepreneurial spirit, he was the innovator of early designs of online – automatic commerce, web based prospect tracking systems and various web based interactive marketing tools.

Bob has served as Chairman of Telecom Industry Forum’s (TCIF) Barcode Committee and was a member of TCIF’s executive board. He was a founding executive board member of AIM North America.

Stephen Lockhart, CTO

Stephen has 19+ years of experience in software development, including 14 years of worldwide experience working with UHF readers, tags and applications.  Stephen manages the R & D, Application & Solutions Engineering as well as Product Management teams.

Stephen continues to be a world figure in the development of readers, tags and systems, along with the deployment and implementation for RFID projects using ISO 18000 63 / EPC Class 1 Gen 2 in Tolling, Access Control, Logistics and Retail areas.

Ava Tang, COO

Ava has over 21 years of business development experience within the Intelligent Transportation industry plus 11 years of experience in the Passive RFID Industry. She is responsible for the business development and operations of SSI. Before working for SSI, Ava worked for various global corporations promoting Intelligent Transportation Systems including a pioneering role in  ISO 18000-6C technology in vehicle identifications systems such as Electronic Toll Collection, Electronic Vehicle Registration, Congestion Pricing etc.

Jet Lai, R&D Senior Manager 

Jet has over 12 years of experience working with passive RFID technologies. In previous professional positions, Jet worked as an application engineer, serving customers with deployment of Automatic Vehicle Identification RFID projects (readers, tags and systems) using the ISO 18000-63 /EPC Class 1 Gen 2.

Being a Senior Manager of R&D Division,  Jet is responsible for surveying the latest innovative technologies and ensuring that SSI provides robust  products for its customers. Jet also directs new product testing and SSI’s value add services to its customer base.  Jet is a world-class expert on designing and implementing E-Tolling Lane Systems utilizing passive RFID technology.  Jet has had key roles in developing and deploying 6-C passive tolling systems in Taiwan, Turkey, India, Hong Kong and the Philippines.

Chris Cheung, Technical Marketing Senior Manager

Chris has over 11 years of experience as a RFID application engineer working with tags and applications all over the world. Chris played key roles in various deployments of RFID projects in vehicle tolling, access control, logistic and retail applications. Chris has been personally involved in providing technical on-the-ground support, testing and deployment of ISO 18000-6C RFID products and applications (vehicle and non-vehicle) in over 15 countries world wide.

In his role as Senior Manager of Technical Marketing, Chris is responsible for providing pre/post-sales technical support and managing the value-add services to customers.