Traffic Congestion Management & Contactless Payments in India

India is observing increasingly high rates of traffic on highways and in cities, leading to tiring traffic jams and unimaginable environmental pollution for all of its citizens. Traffic congestion affects citizens with huge amounts of wasted time and can have large negative economic impacts.  High rates of congestion also have harmful impacts on our planet and the environment.

The government has now committed to cutting its emissions intensity and the amount of greenhouse gases released for each unit of economic growth by about a third from 2005 levels by 2030, under the Paris Agreement.

The Government of India has constituted the Environmental Pollution Control Authority (EPCA) with special power to deliver its commitment to the worsening situation.  

Many steps are now being taken, and the authority has committed to regulate the movement of traffic into Delhi to curb pollution levels.  In addition, the decision has been taken to charge the Environmental Compensation Cess (also called as ECC) on all Commercial Vehicles which are permitted only during the hours of night.

The urgent requirement was to select a sustainable technology that could facilitate secure, fast and contactless transactions ensuring auditable transparency. ISO 180006C based RFID Technology was chosen as the front-end data collection technology.

ISO 18000 6C RFID protocol is a proven technology and has already been chosen and implemented as India’s National Standard for Electronic Toll Collection.

The nodal agency employed a Spanish firm as the Master System Integrator through a transparent public bidding system to implement an end to end solution at multiple entry points around the city in a turnkey basis.

STAR RFID AND SYSTEMS INDIA PVT LTD, a subsidiary of STAR SYSTEMS INTERNATIONAL, has been evaluated successfully by the Master System Integrators and Authority for the selection of the front-end data collection system. Products selected include; Custom Designed Windshield Transponders, Overhead Gantry Reader Systems and Backup Handheld Readers Systems.

STAR Systems’ experienced team worked in close collaboration with the engineering team of the Master System Integrator to ensure a smooth integration of ISO 180006 C Based Front end technology into their system.

Currently the Integratror has more that 120+ lanes installed with STAR Systems’ High-Performance RFID Transceivers reading and automatically completing transactions on more than half-a-million custom designed transponders issued to vehicles.

As It is mandatory to have a RFID Transponder on the windshield of all the commercial vehicles entering in to Delhi, usage of STAR’s Reader with ISO18000 6C has made the transition easy for the integrator and the public.

“Our challenge was to facilitate seamless integration of our equipment into the host system, ensuring  high through-put at such a prestigious project” said



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