TITAN™ – Multi-Protocol Tolling Reader

Titan Multi-Protocol Tolling Reader takes UHF RFID reader performance for toll systems to a new level by providing best-in-class high speed read accuracy and reliability. Titan is designed for high demand vehicle identification and tolling applications, particularly Multi-Lane Free Flow (MLFF) and High Occupancy Tolling (HOT/HOV).

Supported protocol by Titan Multi-Protocol Tolling Reader

Titan Multi-Protocol Tolling Reader is capable of reading multiple protocols simultaneously, enabling seamless integration into current infrastructure and legacy transponder base, providing significant cost benefits. ISO-18000 63/6C, ISO 18000 6B, TDM, Title 21, ATA and Artefato SJ5511 protocols are all supported by Titan.

Titan supports four high-speed antenna ports allowing redundant coverage of multiple lanes from a single reader.

Gen2v2 support

Support for Gen2v2 and ISO 18000-63 encryption features provide secure over-the-air communications channels for applications where security is a concern.

Titan™ is designed with both the user and programmer in mind. It utilizes an industry leading, software-based radio architecture which provides easy integration into a variety of different applications.

Titan™ is designed for extreme outdoor weather conditions, and is fully FCC and ETSI compliant for global deployments.

Item number:  HRD22000-F (FCC) / HRD22000-E (ETSI)


PoE Injector for Titan

PoE Injector for Titan™

Item Number: HMS07010

Power cord

DC Power Supply for Titan™

24V DC Output
20-30W Universal
3-wire input