Washington, DC – OmniAir Certification Services, Inc. (OCS) granted GeoToll and Star Systems International an OmniAir-Certification award for their 6C products tested in OCS’s 6C-for-Tolling Certification Program.

The 6C Certification Program is designed to ensure tolling tag and reader interoperability (IOP) across equipment vendors and toll facilities that choose to deploy equipment certified as compliant to the 6C Requirements Document as defined by the 6C Toll Operators Committee. It is based on the ISO/IEC 18000-6 (Type C) RFID protocol.

6C Certification includes testing for baseline interoperability and applied interoperability. Baseline IOP ensures that tag and reader pairs can transition successfully from one state to another and to validate memory data. Applied IOP ensures that tags and readers can withstand the toll environment; it includes performance, UV, humidity and temperature testing under various GeoToll submitted the Smartphone Sleeve with RFID tag for testing. The Star Systems International/Start-RFID Co. submitted two tags: ARIES headlamp tag and VENUS windshield tag.

“The Board of OmniAir Certification Services is proud to announce three more certified 18000-6C devices,” says Ted Osinski, Chair of OCS, “our program is growing with acceptance from the vendor and the agency community. We look forward to offering the 6C Certification Program to other suppliers in 2013 and beyond.”

Click here for link to OmniAir press release.

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