New VENUS-DNA tag with NXP’s UCODE-DNA Integrated Circuit along with STAR’s Procyon/Vela Readers fully support Gen2V2 embedded “crypto” security features!

HONG KONG (May 21, 2015) – STAR Systems International, a RFID Hardware, Tag and Professional Services provider, today announced the introduction of its new VENUS-DNA tag with its embedded security featuring the NXP UCODE DNA integrated circuit (chip).

The VENUS-DNA is a STAR RFID designed tag that is tuned specifically for Vehicle Windshield applications such as E-Tolling, Vehicle Registration, Secure Parking and Access and Fleet Management. These new tags provide superior read and write performance along with the ability encrypt and protect sensitive data from unauthorized readers and systems.

STAR has also introduced support for NXP’s UCODE DNA IC on its PROCYON Integrated and VELA USB Readers.

The VENUS-DNA tag is ideal for use in high performance/security applications such as electronic vehicle registration, electronic toll collection, secure parking and access control, fleet management, and other critical vehicle tracking projects. Cryptographic authentication provides dynamic security with each transmission being different from the one before therefore minimizing the ability for data to be emulated. VENUS-DNA’ IC uses ISO/IEC 29167-10 standardized cryptographic security with 128-bit key based on AES (advanced encryption standard) algorithms and is also compliant with GS1 EPC Gen 2 V2 air interface standard.

The new VENUS-DNA tag is based on the NXP’s UCODE DNA chip, with its embedded security features. VENUS-DNA along with STAR’s Procyon and Vela Readers fully conform to the ISO 18000-63/C, RAIN RFID and EPC Gen2v2 standards allowing for ease of integration with legacy systems as needed.

“The new VENUS-DNA Tag and the STAR Readers which support the NXP UCODE DNA functions bring a whole new level of security features and functions to passive RFID that have never been available before in long range passive tags and readers” said Jet Lai, STAR Systems Technical Product Manager. “ these new tags and readers, with their various configurations and expanded memory capacity will open up many new markets and applications for ISO 18000 63 products.”

STAR Systems International will also be a sponsor at IBTTA’s upcoming Summit on AET, Managed Lanes and Interoperability in Miami, Florida on July 12-14, 2015. (

About STAR Systems International
Star Systems International Limited is a Hong Kong-based RFID hardware, tag and services provider, specializing in UHF RFID-enabled vehicle identification and supply chain management applications. Working through an extensive network of value added resellers and systems integrators, STAR Systems provides a wide range of RFID hardware, professional consulting services and technical support. STAR Systems is also the exclusive international distributor for STAR-RFID, a manufacturer of RFID tag products located in Bangkok. STAR Systems is also a member of RAIN RFID Alliance and a participating member the International Bridge, Turnpike and Tunnel Association (IBTTA) and Intelligent Transportation Systems (ITS) organizations. For more information on STAR Systems and/or STAR RFID, visit or

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