HONG KONG, Feb. 8, 2016 /PRNewswire/ — STAR Systems International Limited (SSI), a Hong Kong-based Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) hardware, tag and professional services provider, today issued the following statement in relation to certain claims brought by Neology, Inc. (“Neology”) against SSI in the United States.

Since 2014, SSI has been one of the defendants in a lawsuit brought by Neology against several RFID companies in the US District Court for the District of Delaware. In summary, Neology asserts that various patents it owns prevent the marketing and sale in the US, by SSI and others, of various hardware devices compliant with the ISO 18000-6C Standard. SSI has been defending itself vigorously since the first day of the lawsuit.

On January 22, 2016, the Court dismissed all claims brought by Neology against SSI under two patents held by Neology, namely US Patent Nos.: US 6,690,264 (“264”) and US 6,229,443 (“443”). Neology had previously alleged that any ISO 18000-6C compliant transponder infringed the 264 and 443 patents.

These patent claims were dismissed “with prejudice” by the Court. In other words, Neology is effectively prevented from asserting in the future the same claim against SSI based on the 264 and 443 patents.

Said SSI Managing Director Bob Karr in a comment:

“The dismissal with prejudice of these patent claims is a win in our effort to promote 6C as a true open standard technology. With this dismissal, Neology has given up on trying to enforce these particular patents against our 6C compatible products and services.”

SSI will continue to vigorously defend itself against the remaining patents that are being asserted in this lawsuit and will continue to provide exceptional open standard products and services to its customers and partners.

About STAR Systems International

STAR Systems International is an RFID hardware, tag, solution and services provider, specializing in UHF RFID-enabled vehicle identification, supply chain management, warehousing & logistics, retail, library management and healthcare applications. Working through an extensive network of value added resellers and systems integrators, STAR Systems provides a wide range of RFID hardware, professional consulting services and technical support. STAR Systems is also the exclusive international distributor for STAR-RFID, a manufacturer of RFID tag products located in Bangkok. For more information on STAR Systems and/or STAR RFID, visit www.star-int.net or www.star-rfid.com.

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