HONG KONG-SAR – January 22, 2019 –

STAR Systems International Limited (SSI), a Hong Kong-based Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) technology and professional services provider, today announced that its Titan UHF RFID reader has been certified for high speed tolling and interoperability by the OmniAir Consortium.


“The Titan reader is a ground-breaking product for the electronic toll collection market”, said SSI CTO, Stephen Lockhart. “By partnering with OmniAir and subjecting Titan to rigorous performance testing, SSI continues to show our commitment to our customers by demonstrating compatibility with industry standards.”

Designed specifically for high-speed, multi-protocol, tolling systems, Titan supports up to four antennas and multiple communications protocols simultaneously including: ISO 18000-6C/63, TDM (IAG), ISO 18000-6B-80k, ISO 18000-6B, ISO 10374 (ATA), Title 21 (T21) and Artefato SJ5511.

In addition to high-speed, multi-protocol support, Titan has been designed with several innovative features including: Doppler Compensation, Cellular/Noise Signal Rejection and Pre-Distortion Optimization. These features work together to deliver the highest level of read accuracy for demanding, high-performance Open Road Tolling/Multi-Lane Free Flow systems.

“Congratulations to Star Systems for earning OmniAir Certification for their eighth tolling device, more than any single vendor,” said Jason Conley, Executive Director of OmniAir Consortium. “OmniAir Certification provides assurance to tolling agencies that certified devices conform with industry standards and meet minimum interoperability and performance requirements.”

Titan boasts an upper operating temperature of 70 degrees Celsius (ambient) and can transmit at full power using PoE+. Complimented by an internal database that can persistently store over 1 Million transactions, Titan’s highly flexible software platform has also been designed with future upgrade ability in mind.

“SSI is proud and excited to offer Titan to our partners as a product that is certified by OmniAir”, said SSI CEO, Bob Karr. “Our team is fully committed to supplying the market with high-quality and high-performance RFID products and backing up those products with world-class support.”

About STAR Systems International

STAR Systems International is a member of the STAR RFID & SYSTEMS GROUP. Star Systems International is a Hong Kong-SAR based hardware, tag and services provider, specializing in UHF RFID-enabled vehicle identification applications. Working through an extensive network of value added resellers and systems integrators, STAR Systems provides best-in-class RFID products, professional consulting services and technical support. For more information on STAR Systems at www.star-int.net.

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