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On August 1st, 2018, Neology, Inc. submitted a “Notice of Non-Suit Without Prejudice” to the Texas Court that dissolves and terminates the lawsuit that was filed against STAR Systems International Ltd. (SSI) and the Titan RFID reader less than twenty days ago.

This rapid reversal is a testament to the fact that STAR Systems International’s high-performance, multi-protocol Titan RFID reader stands on its own merits in the Electronic Toll Collection (ETC) industry.

“This is a win, not just for SSI, but for the entire market,” said SSI CEO Bob Karr. “The right for companies to invest in innovation that generates new and better products for the market must be protected and not stifled. Titan is truly a next generation product with its own new patents, features and technologies which make it different than any other reader in the market today.”

Added Karr: “SSI regrets that our competitor has repeatedly tried to compete with us through groundless lawsuits and press releases. This has resulted in loss of goodwill for the industry, not to mention significant lost sales for SSI. Together with our advisors, we are reviewing our legal options going forward. That said, we shall refrain from further press releases on this topic unless there are developments that are material to our customers. We would expect our competitors to adopt similar policies.”

The Titan RFID reader and all SSI products continue to be available without restriction or encumbrance. SSI, as a proponent of innovation and new technologies, will continue to defend itself and our partners from “Competition by Lawsuit” utilizing false or malicious claims. SSI, as always, will continue to provide exceptional RFID products and support.

About STAR Systems International

STAR Systems International is a market leader providing solutions including RFID transponders, readers, antennas and professional consulting services for Auto ID & Vehicle Identification Applications. STAR Systems leverages technical implementation expertise, training and support to ensure customer success. “Your Success Is Our Vision”. Our focus is providing best-in-class technologies for Smart City Initiatives including; Electronic Tolling (ETC), Electronic Vehicle Registration (EVR), Fleet Management, Parking and Secure Access Control applications. Our mission is to enable our partners and users to experience high-performance and reliable integrated solutions which are key elements of any modern Smart City initiative. For more information on STAR Systems visit www.star-int.net.

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