HONG KONG (October 22, 2019)

On October 15th, 2019, STAR Systems International, Ltd. and Neology, Inc. have settled and resolved all of their litigation differences amicably.  All claims asserted against each other in the US District Courts in Texas and Delaware, as well as the International Trade Commission, have been settled, and the parties have agreed to compete fairly in the marketplace.

About STAR Systems International
STAR Systems International is a market leader providing solutions including RFID transponders, readers, antennas and professional consulting services for Auto ID & Vehicle Identification Applications.  STAR Systems leverages technical implementation expertise, training and support to ensure customer success. “Your Success Is Our Vision”.  Our focus is providing best-in-class technologies for Smart City Initiatives including; Electronic Tolling (ETC), Electronic Vehicle Registration (EVR), Fleet Management, Parking and Secure Access Control applications. Our mission is to enable our partners and users to experience high-performance and reliable integrated solutions which are key elements of any modern Smart City initiative. For more information on STAR Systems visit www.star-int.net .

Enabling Smart Cities

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