Star Systems International, a leading provider of technologies for smart city initiatives, including electronic tolling (ETC), electronic vehicle registration (EVR), fleet management, parking and secure access control applications, is exhibiting a variety of readers, transponders and antennas targeted at high-performance tolling and vehicle identification applications.

Headquartered in Hong Kong with full operational subsidiaries in Dallas, Texas, US and in New Delhi, India, Star Systems also has direct sales presences in Taiwan, London and Bogota.

Star’s Titan Reader and Avior Antenna are designed specifically for high-speed, multi-protocol, tolling systems.

Titan supports multiple antennas and communications protocols simultaneously, including ISO 18000-6C/63, TDM (IAG), ISO 18000-6B-80k, ISO 18000-6B, ISO 10374 (ATA), Title 21 (T21) and Artefato SJ5511.

In addition to high-speed, multi-protocol support, Titan has been designed with several innovative features including doppler compensation, cellular/noise signal rejection and pre-distortion optimisation.

These features work together to deliver the highest level of read accuracy and high-performance for open road tolling/multi-lane free flow systems.

Titan can handle operating temperatures up to of 70 degrees Celsius and can transmit at full power using PoE+. In addition, its highly flexible software platform has also been designed for ease of use and future upgradability.

Star’s Avior Narrow Beam High Gain Linear Antenna provides the power to assure that read rates at high speed are not only maximised, but also isolated to the desired read zone, avoiding cross-lane reads and adjacent lane interference.

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First published at ITS World Congress – October 22, 2019

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