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April 26, 2023

SSI and TransCore to Partner on Next-Gen Intelligent Transportation

Dallas, Texas – Today, STAR Systems International announced it has signed a Mutual Collaboration Agreement with TransCore, a world leader in Tolling and Intelligent Transportations Systems, to develop, promote, and sell next generation Readers, Antennas, and Transponders for Multi-Protocol and Interoperable Tolling Systems.

This new collaborative effort will combine the strengths of TransCore’s experience, worldwide reach, and customer service excellence with STAR Systems International’s leading-edge technologies to deliver optimal performance and reliability in growing Open Road Tolling, Congestion Pricing, and Express and Managed Lanes systems.   

“TransCore has always been an innovative leader in Electronic Tolling, Intelligent Transportation Systems, Radio Frequency Identification, and Revenue Transaction Management. We are very pleased to have the opportunity to further work with this world leader to develop our next-generation reader and transponder products,” said Robert Karr, CEO of STAR Systems International Limited. 

“TransCore’s Infinity∞® Digital Lane Systems offer the marketplace advanced, proven, and readily deployable toll collection solutions. Developing next-generation reader and transponder products with STAR Systems International’s technology will allow TransCore to continue to raise the bar of performance and customer service in Intelligent Transportation Systems,” said Whitt Hall, COO of TransCore. 

About TransCore

A global leader in the transportation industry, TransCore provides innovative technical solutions and services for All-Electronic Tolling, Congestion Pricing, and Intelligent Transportation Systems. It specializes in research and development, engineering, and sale of RFID products and services for the transportation industry. In its 85-year history, TransCore has deployed thousands of electronic toll collection and express lanes and sold millions of RFID tags. Every year, TransCore systems capture billions of toll transactions to support North America’s most accurate and advanced toll collection operations.

TransCore is a subsidiary of ST Engineering, a global technology, defense, and engineering group with a diverse portfolio of businesses across the aerospace, smart city, defense, and public security segments.

About STAR Systems International 

Founded in 2013, STAR Systems International (SSI) is a world leader in Automatic Vehicle Identification Technologies. SSI focuses on providing best-in-class transponders, readers and professional consulting services for Smart City Initiatives, including Electronic Tolling (ETC), Congestion/Road Use Charging, Electronic Vehicle Registration (EVR), Express/HOT Lane, Fleet Management, Parking and Secure Access Control applications.
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