AVIOR™ – Narrow Beam High Gain Linear Antenna

Avior Narrow Beam High Gain Linear Antenna is designed and built specifically to be an over-the-road antenna for high speed tolling systems using passive RFID tags.

With its unique and patented design, Avior creates an ideal read zone in either an ORT, Multi-Lane Free Flow or in a Single Lane Plaza based All-Electronic Tolling (AET) System.

Equipped with a focused narrow beam, Avior provides the power to assure that read rates at high speed are not only maximized, but also isolated to the desired read zone, avoiding cross-lane reads and adjacent lane interference.

Avior Narrow Beam High Gain Linear Antenna owned advantage

Avior Narrow Beam High Gain Linear Antenna‘s reduced footprint and weight is unique in the market compared to competitive products. Its improved smaller size makes it perfect for more efficient and safer installation over roads. Economically speaking, its compact size reduces shipping and storage cost while makes installation easier.

Toll operators deploying passive RFID tags require dependable and focused antennas to maximize read rates and automatic transactions. Avior has been created with the toll operator in mind.

Avior also has a wide-band design allowing it to operate in the 865 – 928 MHz range, which makes it applicable for use across the globe.

Built from heavy duty aluminum with a full IP-67 housing, Avior is meant to last in the harshest roadside environments.

Item number:  HAN25010-1-M