Stephen C Lockhart, CTO of STAR Systems International, the new thought leadership article regarding the evenolution of ISO 18000 6C/63 Standards for Interoperable Tolling Systems as published in ITS International January/February 2017 edition magazine.

Stephen Lockhart explains how ISO 18000-6C can boost both interoperability and data security in RFID tolling applications.

To read the full magazine in a PDF version online (downloadable):…

Click here to read the new thought leadership article by Stephen C Lockhart in the ITS International website.

About Stephen C Lockhart

Stephen Lockhart is chief technology officer at Star Systems International and has been involved with the testing and deployment of ISO 18000-63/6C technology for 13 years. He has designed and installed passive UHF RFID systems all over the world.

About STAR Systems International

STAR Systems International is a market leader in providing passive ISO 18000-63 (6C) UHF RFID transponders, readers, solutions and consulting services for vehicle identification systems. STAR Systems leverages technical implementation expertise, training and support to ensure customer success. Our focus on “Making RFID Work” for ETC, EVR, Fleet Management, Parking and Access Control applications allows our customers to deliver high-performance and reliable integrated solutions. For more information on STAR Systems visit

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