New SOLANA Tag unique design gives high performance in both windshield and/or headlamp use –

HONG KONG (May 15, 2017) –STAR Systems International, a world leader in providing Transponders, Readers and Professional Services for Electronic Tolling systems, today announced the introduction of its new SOLANA “omni-tuned” vehicle tag for E-Tolling, Parking and Access Control, Electronic Vehicle Registration and other automotive identification applications.

SOLANA has been specifically designed and engineered from the ground up to perform at a high level on both Windshield Glass and on Plastic Headlamps. Typically, UHF RFID Transponders are tuned to perform optimally only on either Glass or Plastic, however they are rarely designed to perform well on both. In addition to a plastic Headlamp, SOLANA can be mounted on any plastic vehicle surface such as a fairing or bumper.

SOLANA is a great choice for vehicle applications such as Open Road Tolling, Parking and Access Control, Fleet management or any another vehicle identification application requiring high read accuracy at high speed.In addition, SOLANA can be customized with fixed and variable print as well as custom encoding as per customer requirements.

”SOLANA is the result of months of engineering design and testing to develop a truly versatile tag which gives users the option of “glass or plastic” without having to worry whether a tag will perform optimally or not” says Bob Karr, Managing Director, Star Systems International. “We listened to our customer’s needs and came up with a great transponder design that really takes the guesswork out of which tag to put on what material”.

SOLANA features a high performing chip with the ability to hide user data blocks for security. It also comes with STAR’s unique and patented Tamper Resistant, Break on Removal / NRNT feature. In addition to compliance with ISO/IEC 18000-6C and EPC Class 1 Generation 2 protocols, SOLANA’s wide-band design (860-960 MHz) allows it to be deployed world-wide.

SOLANA joins the full line of STAR Systems RFID vehicle identification solutions, which include the Aries headlamp transponder, Astria vehicle registration sticker, LEO license plate tag, and Venus windshield tags.

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